Sharing By Thoughts

These are some of our sweet friends that are working hard with a joyful heart to make crafts to support the Company of Grace. There joy is so infectious that we love to teach and help them learn English. God has pressed on my heart to share the aprons with them and teach them. The Window Minstries invites you to pray and help support this opportunity to connect ❤️❤️❤️and cast Hope. The Window Minstries has been connecting with this project from the painting of the walls to pruning of the garden ❤️setting up the gift shop❤️building shelves ❤️clearing the back lot for a children’s shelter ❤️teaching English ❤️writing profile stories so they can share and learn English ❤️🙏and sharing the gospel in all our relationships ❤️We have seen God beauty from the ashes of struggles of life🙌🙏❤️Every spoonful of love we give has been given back to us in mountains of blessing! We have also edited the documentary Dowry of the Meek from 117min to 41min to make this beautiful story of Hope so it can be used to the Glory of God❤️When our son Dave first met Peter he said “this is a story that must be told”! Peter said many have said this but Dave is the only one who actually followed through. The purpose of the Window Minstries is to finish the task for the Glory God ♥️🙌🙏❤️In His ❤️MARTy

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