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    What we are about!!!

    * Mobilize & prepare volunteers to connect hearts and cast hope as they travel to the 1040 window.

    God has provided those individuals that all be traveling to Southeast Asia to connect cross culturally. We will be hearing their story, telling our story, and sharing His story.

    Dowry of the Meek Documentary Film Update

    This great story has been viewed in several settings and the feedback has been quite encouraging. The showing at the Sate Theatre in Logansport was a great time of meeting old friends and also family. Keep tuned as we hope to show again in the north central Indiana area.

    Vietnam Summer 2018 Project

     We have a great group of 26 volunteers participating in this project. We will be preparing each one of the group in connecting hearts and casting hope .

    The Company of Grace located in Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam

    • They provide training for the handicapped and the company is operated by the handicapped. The  Company of Grace is currently raising funds to complete a children's shelter adjacent to the training shelter.
    • The Window Ministries works with them on property projects, assists in ESL language training , and teaching.
    • We will be assisting the COG in labors of love to their community involvement as well as assisting the teaching of children.

    The Window Ministeries Partnerships with other likeminded organizations in the 1040 window.

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    The Wndow Ministries, Inc. is based in Tulsa , Oklahoma and is a 501C3 foundation.

    Opportunities to sharing the Good News.

    For the summer 2018-----teams have been assembled. Your prayer support as well as your financial support is greatly appreciated.