The Window Ministries, Inc.

The Window Ministries: Connecting Hearts & Casting Hope


* Mobilize & prepare volunteers to connect hearts and cast hope as they travel to the 1040 window.
God will provide those individuals that will be traveling to Southeast Asia to connect cross-culturally. We will be hearing their story, telling our story, and sharing His story.


The documentary film "Company of Grace" is available at the link REDEEMTV.COM.
Southeast Asia 2023
We are in the process of developing 2023 projects for Southeast Asia.

The Company of Grace in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • They provide training for the handicapped, and the company is operated by the handicapped.
  • The Window Ministries works with them on various projects and assists in ESL language training and teaching.
  • We will be assisting the Company of Grave in labors of love to their community involvement as well as assisting the teaching of children.
  • The Company of Grace has completed the new construction and furnishing as well as the process of accepting occupants.
  • Please view the video of "Company of Grace" at
The Window Ministries, Inc.
The Window Ministries, Inc.

NEWLIFE Ministries in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • They provide safe living accommodations for University Students.
  • The Window Ministries partners with "NEW LIFE" in teaching English and connecting in new relationships.
  • THE NEW LIFE 2 facility has been completed & it is now operational on the new on-campus location in HCM.

The Window Ministries, Inc. is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is a 501C3 organization.

The Window Ministries was established in 2008. 2023 will be our 15th year of Connecting Hearts & Casting Hope" to those who have never heard the Good News.

Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your prayer and financial support for "Connecting Hearts & casting hope."