Heart to Heart

The Story of God’s Apron

Recently I was walking with God through the valley of the shadows. God gently whispered words of wisdom and comfort to my soul and helped me to reflect as my mind searched a spiritual inventory of my life. The power of His presence gave me a new peace that revealed a clear pattern of my life. God’s plan always gave me life over loss. Then we sat a while by a stream of fresh flowing water that took away the sting of my hot salty tears. He continued sharing His plan of purpose helping me to move forward to my journey of hope. My heart began to smile as I focused my mind on a combination of beautiful colors. It was like a garment of protection that wrapped around me. This garment was always secured with a tie and it had a pocket with a promise of hope. God showed me a way to sew this story together into a reversible apron, which changes shadows into sunshine with a pocket of hope.God Blessings and Hope to you.

Marty Wagoner

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